TMON - The Temperature Monitoring System

    System Specifications

  • Wall mount installation of TMON device adjacent to existing Thermostat allows for secondary monitoring of unit temperature.

  • Data collection via Inovonics wireless repeater network and DCC (data collector and concentrator) or Energy Metering Systems WDC (Wireless Data Collector)

  • Measures average air temperature each hour. Data reporting each 24 hour period.


Model Number:

TMON (Inovonics)


   TMON Specifications


Average Temperature ± 0.5°F


Air temperature sensor


Data count on average temperature over 24 hours


1-3/4” Wide x

3-1/2” Height x

1” Depth

Power Requirements:

Battery powered (uses Inovonics Transmitter Lithium Battery) – single battery has 5 + year life expectancy